Archer Public Affairs (APA), combined with Archer & Greiner, is ranked 10th among lobbying firms in the state, and is ranked 3rd in New Jersey among law firms that lobby according to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission’s just released report on 2015 lobbying expenditures. The firm had a substantial increase from last year in its income from lobbying. The combined lobbying revenues for Archer Public Affairs and Archer & Greiner were $1,262,613, up from $849,749 the year before. Individually, Archer Public Affairs saw its revenue jump in 2015 to $959,090, up from $556,440 the previous year, while Archer & Greiner’s 2015 revenue was $303,522, up from $293,308 the previous year.

Significant to Archer Public Affairs success has been the built-in synergy between the firm and Archer & Greiner. Formed in 2013, and headed up by Managing Director Bill Caruso, Archer Public Affairs provides clients with policy analysis and advice, strategic planning and advocacy at all levels of government. Together with Archer & Greiner, they provide clients the resources they need to succeed with the public affairs component, as well as the legal aspects of any project or venture. 

Since its creation, Archer Public Affairs has seen rapid growth through a steady increase in new clients, and the addition of new members to the firm. Lori Grifa, former member of the Christie Administration, joined APA in the last year and also serves as a Partner with Archer & Greiner. New clients have created many opportunities for the firm across areas such as health care, pharmaceuticals, real estate, construction, transportation, energy, utilities, technology, non-profit, and communications.