The expansion of 5G technology is one of the keys to “smart city” development and will change the way New Jersey cities and regions build their infrastructure. Richard S. Mroz, Senior Director of Archer Public Affairs (APA) served as a moderator for a panel discussion speaking to this during the "Smart Cities/5G Conference," recently presented by the New Jersey Alliance for Action.

A statewide trade organization, the NJ Alliance for Action advocates for measures that improve infrastructure, create jobs and improve the economy in New Jersey. On June 26, the Alliance held its inaugural 5G Smart Cities conference at NJIT in Newark, NJ, with speakers from various sectors, including leaders in industry, academics, labor, and government.

As moderator for the panel on the “Smart Utility Evolution,” Mr. Mroz led a discussion on how traditional regulated utilities in the electric, gas and water industries are embracing technology, and how 5G and Smart Cities technology will help those utilities provide better service to customers and enhance reliability. Mr. Mroz was joined by panelists David Daly, President & COO of PSE&G, Mark McKoy, VP & General Manager, New Jersey Operations SUEZ, and Donald Shields, VP & Director of Engineering for NJ American Water.

In addressing the audience, Mr. Mroz and the panel members spoke about how “smart” technologies will change the way New Jersey cities and regions build their infrastructure and “smart cities” can offer new opportunities for the state’s construction industry and economy. Mr. Mroz discussed how utilities might approach both the potential benefits and challenges of the expected transformations enabled by 5G, and how the services offered in these industries now converge.

Mr. Mroz is APA’s Senior Director for Strategic & Regulatory Affairs and provides strategic business and regulatory affairs advice to clients, with a focus on the energy and utility industries. Mr. Mroz is the immediate Past President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and served as Chairman of the Critical Infrastructure Committee of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners. Mr. Mroz advises clients on energy, utility, financial services, infrastructure development and protective issues. He is in a unique position to be able to combine deep industry expertise in these sectors with an in-depth understanding of the transformative nature of 5G connectivity to advise clients on the opportunities and challenges involved in deploying it. Mr. Mroz works with clients nationally, with a regional concentration in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, DC.

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