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Below is a list of sample matters the group has handled:

Secured Regulatory Approval, Financial Incentives for Housing Developer 

  • Worked with members of Archer & Greiner's energy law group to assist construction management company needing state certification and special approval by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) for housing project.
  • Made all applications and advocated to BPU members and staff.
  • Result was a BPU Order granting energy efficiency certification for the homes, yielding financial incentives for the company and lower overall energy usage.
  • BPU Order declared that the development “will result in a significant public good.”

 Helped Energy Co. Successfully Respond to Crude Oil Spill Crisis

  • Represented energy company regarding multi-million gallon crude oil spill at a refinery, a high-profile event because fumes reached neighborhoods for miles around.
  • Served as liaison between the company and state government regulators.
  • Conducted numerous conversations, conferences and correspondence with ground-level regulatory staff and high-level elected and appointed officials, keeping them apprised of issues and progress, and relaying information to the client as needed.
  • Cleanup and state inspection went smoothly; government officials appreciated easy access to updates and information.
  • Importantly, about a month before the spill, the firm had arranged a meet-and-greet with state officials, a recent contact that helped immeasurably during the emergent situation.

Earned Public and Government Support for Telecommunications Concern

  • Provided grassroots and grass-tops support and advocacy to federal, state and local officials.
  • Educated political and law enforcement officials on client’s highly technical telecommunications technology.
  • Convinced officials of legal and scientific merits.
  • Earned public support for our client’s position despite over-politicization of the issue by opponents.

Helped Investors Establish Controversial For-Profit Healthcare Delivery Model

  • Provided overlapping governmental, regulatory affairs and legal counseling to private healthcare investors seeking to acquire medical facilities.
  • Delivered detailed guidance on legislative, regulatory and grassroots communication efforts in the face of high-profile litigation with insurers and licensing scrutiny.
  • Ensured regulatory and legal compliance, thereby advancing client’s interests in ultimately successful venture.  

Achieved Legislative Relief for Public Entity Clients to Ease Burden of Mass Retirements

  • Organized coalition of affected municipalities to lobby legislators.
  • Secured amendments to Local Budget Law to spread cost of immediate liabilities.
  • Drove story in the press to illustrate crisis faced by municipal clients and others affected.
  • Overcame opposition, including an attempt for a veto from the Governor.
  • Secured enactment of amendments just in time for our clients to adopt annual budgets.

Secured Local, County and State Approvals for Initially Unpopular Solar Project

  • With project facing initial opposition from township officials, A&G worked with developer to demonstrate to officials the project’s numerous benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint and increased tax revenue with virtually no draw on taxpayer-funded services or resources.
  • Garnered local support for the solar farm and helped win unanimous local approval for the project.
  • Guided project through county and state approvals and permitting as well.