APA Senior Director Rick Mroz will be serving on the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) new subcommittee on Grid Resilience for National Security (GRNS). The GRNS Subcommittee was created as part of the DOE’s Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC), which advises on electric reliability and issues such as smart grid technologies. Rick has served on the EAC for the last three years.

The new EAC subcommittee will focus on critical electric infrastructure especially Defense Critical Electric Infrastructure (DCEI) protecting facilities used for national security. Members of GRNS will consider and make recommendations on methods to better protect the grid as it is modernized, and will work under the leadership of Dr. Paul Stockton, former Department of Defense Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense, and Rob Lee, CEO of cyber-security firm Dragos. This new subcommittee will continue to deepen industry and government cooperation to address increased threats.

Rick has a long and distinguished career in law, government, business, and public service. His experiences as a regulator, lawyer, lobbyist, banker, consultant and thought leader have focused on numerous issues, including energy markets & technologies, cybersecurity, water and wastewater policy, as well as infrastructure development and financing for various industries. Rick is the immediate Past President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), serving as Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer of the Agency, and acted as the Chief Energy Officer for New Jersey.

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