APA Senior Director Rick Mroz was a featured speaker for the Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce Morning Community Briefing on February 17, 2021.

Mr. Mroz spoke on the topic of preparation for winter storm weather in regards to  the electric disruptions in Texas as a reason for businesses and residents to prepare and have backup plans. Rick also discussed the ‘evolving grid’ and more renewables and distributed energy resources, including NJ efforts on Offshore Wind, solar, energy storage, electric vehicles and the need to make sure all of this new ‘smart grid’ works.

To view the webcast on the Township's facebook page, click here.

Rick is Senior Director for Strategic & Regulatory Affairs for Archer Public Affairs. He provides strategic business and regulatory affairs advice to clients, with a focus on the energy and utility industries. He has a long and distinguished career in law, government, business, and public service. His experiences as a regulator, lawyer, lobbyist, banker, consultant and thought leader have focused on numerous issues, including energy markets & technologies, cybersecurity, water and wastewater policy, as well as infrastructure development and financing for various industries.